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Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing
With 14 Years Corporate SEO experience we have given our clients top 3 positions in Google for over 300 000 Keywords.

At the heart of our company are dedicated online marketing specialists sourced from top international real estate and travel companies. These industries are unmatched in online marketing competition and this is where we acquired our top online marketing strategists.

Online marketing cost’s 62% less per lead than traditional marketing
Online marketing is measurable, ROI is black and white and readily available so you always know where your marketing money is going.

Make no mistake! Page 1 of google is the holy grail of profitability.

We know how to get you there and we can prove it. (Make sure the company you choose can say the same…)

With that in mind we humbly present some of our SEO results and websites to show why visitors stay engaged on the websites we design:
Search Engine Optimisation results for some of our clients

501% Increase in online traffic on
286% Increase in online traffic
Increased Visitors to from zero to 3000 In 8 Weeks
Reduced the bounce rate on floors direct by 25.26% which means visitors are more engaged
3000 Facebook likes for in 3 weeks
Zero to 500 subscribers on in 2 months

Search engine marketing still remains the single most important and profitable investment you can make for your company online. Return on investment is our primary goal at promatix. Search engine optimisation is not just for ranking in search engines but also to increase your profit margin to its maximum potential.

Social Media marketing company
Social media has become an everyday part of life for a vast number of internet users. Estimations show that the number of social media users will surpass 1.8 billion in 2014, and it is expected that this number will grow to over 2.3 billion by 2017. With such incredible numbers, it is clear that social media management is one aspect of your online marketing strategy that you simply cannot afford to ignore. We understand what a powerful marketing tool social media truly is, and offer social media management packages for a number of social media networks.

Connect directly with your target audience
What exactly makes social media such a powerful internet marketing tool? For a start, social media allows your company to connect directly with your target audience, enabling you to build a loyal customer base and establish a good rapport with your potential customers. It has also been shown that websites that actively engage in social media enjoy a number of SEO advantages.

At Promatix we offer social media management for a number of social media platforms, including:

Google +
Build Your Brand with Social Media
Social media is also an effective and powerful way to build your brand. Social media allows you to provide with your clients with a more personal brand experience, making your client feel like they are being heard. People are also more likely to share their experience (good or bad) on social media, which in turn creates more brand mentions, a valuable component for SEO.

Let Us do the Hard Work for You
Though you might be aware of the advantages of actively engaging in social media, at Promatix we understand that sometimes it simply takes up too much time, especially if you are a small company. This often results in a catch 22 situation as you need to focus on serving existing clients, but by neglecting your social media you are losing out on potential new clients. This is why we offer social media management packages for a selection of platforms, allowing you to focus on running your business without having to worry about losing potential leads from social media.

Contact us today and we will help you find a social media marketing package which is right for your business.

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