My Strategy

 Last Update: 22 Nov ‘2016

My SEO strategy for ranking SEO HERO

I will cover ALL my backlinking strategies here if I am at page 1 for the SEO Hero.

Ok I am not sure if I should reveal it during the competition or at the end of it, because revealing it immediately might spoil my chance of getting the prize-money totally.  (see nobody win)

We will see about it as more information are released around the community. I am sure there will people tweeting and asking questions on this particular RULE.


seo is about zooming into details and testing

Generally, every SEO guy knows about SEO or thinks that they know.

The key is in the “DETAILS” and “TESTING THOSE DETAILS“. One who is willing to spend time on the details will usually have an edge over the other who are not willing to do the same.

Two guys building the same backlink on the same property (ie: wordpress) can have dramatic different results. Afterall, the difference between No1 and No5 could be just 5 google points. You can be No 1 in class even if you have only 1 more mark than the 2nd and so forth.

Ok I will continue more …Afterall I need a lot of content to rank better. LOL..

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