Last Update: 22 Nov ‘2016

how SEO hero mk was created

This site is inspired by the WIX SEO Hero Competition . (I am not going to link to them due to the nature of the contest. You can google the term “WIX SEO HERO“) to find their details.


Banner used for WIX SEO Hero

In summary, WIX is DETERMINED to prove that their platform is as good as any for ranking in Google. To be honest, I don’t use WIX in any of my SEO campaigns. Not for backlinks. Definitely not as a moneypage or landing page. HA! Sorry WIX !

Ok you can see where is the problem at. Nobody want to use them or believe in their platform for SEO purposes. In fact, I have heard of this “myth” for many many years. That probably contributed to me not even taking a look at them. I guess now that they have ENOUGH of it.


HOW WIX is fighting back

So what’s the best way to prove that WIX is a good platform for SEOing? By holding a SEO competition of course ! They have created a open competition, inviting everyone using any platform to rank for the term “SEO Hero“. The duration is 4 months.

Anyone who takes the 1st place after 4 months gets USD$50K. ( I believe its in USD currency :p )


maybe nobody wins

Now before you get too excited. Remember only 1 person wins. The best SEO guy will take the money. The TRUE SEO Hero.

Moreover, you need to obey all their competition terms and one of them stated that you cannot “break” the google webmaster rules. Great ! According to the Google webmaster rules, NO ONE is to build links in the artificial manner. (aka participating in link scheme)

You have to earn links naturally. I guess only WIX will qualified for the contest at the end of the day.

So why am I into it?


  1. 1st, for FUN.
  2. 2nd, to prove myself.
  3. 3rd, to get SEO customers.

I have a local seo agency in Singapore and I am the chief SEO strategist for an international SEO agency (EmeryEPS). This could be a good opportunity to get some eye balls *_*. In fact, I encourge all SEO-ers to join in the fun. Competition is fun, you can test your skills, improve yourself and who knows you may win ! Win the honor but maybe not the prize money.

Ok I will end here and will update more here. TATA !


what seo hero Mk stands for

My name is Mike Koosher and I want to be a SEO Hero. Therefore the site name is SEO HERO MK (Mike Koosher) *_*

SEO Hero